Why Choose New Patrick's Yard High Tech, Boutique Office Space in Norwich?

The answer is simple – we've been there and done it. As a business starting out just over 9 years ago, sourcing suitable offices to rent in Norwich that meet our needs seemed impossible. Whilst there was, and still is, an abundance of commercial property to rent, none of it came with additional space to house servers or adequate internet to run our business effectively. Broadband offered was shared by the entire street, resulting in slow or sometimes non-existent connectivity. Plug sockets and IP ports were minimal, not practical for a technology company that needs connectivity. We did our best to overcome this, “installing” new cabling (a term used in the loosest sense – in reality this meant taping cables to walls and ceilings) at significant expense to us.

As a result Norwich's New Patrick's Yard office space accommodation has been designed and renovated with all of our experiences borne in mind, ensuring all main requirements of a business operating with a technology focus are met.

So whatever your business we can provide a perfect rental accommodation for you that's easy and stress free allowing you to focus on what's really important.