Data Protection & Information Security Compliant boutique offices to rent in Norwich

New Patrick’s Yard makes InfoSec easier & reduces Directors Liability – with no capital expense needed

Information Security, often referred to as InfoSec, is a growing and important issue for every business no matter its size. InfoSec is not only good practice but a legal responsibility, and together with director level responsibility and liability it is not an area of business that can be overlooked.

There are many aspects to InfoSec, one of which is physical office security.

Many offices are now open plan, which make information security almost impossible by mixing staff from various organisations in the same physical space. Below are Oxford University’s recommendations around InfoSec and physical security*:

  • Protect access to secure areas with entry controls
  • Define physical security perimeters
  • Keep doors locked to areas housing non-public data
  • Ensure appropriate defence against intruders or unauthorised colleagues
  • Keep equipment hosting non-public data in secured areas

Complete peace of mind at New Patrick’s Yard

New Patrick’s Yard helps your company achieve a high level of information security whilst encouraging collaboration between different companies in purpose-built common areas at no additional expense, and allows data controllers and directors responsible for InfoSec complete peace of mind.

The following measures are in place at New Patrick’s Yard to help your company achieve compliance:

  • Each office is locked, separated with an audited key entry system
  • All common areas are covered by CCTV
  • All building entrances are locked by an audited entry system, in addition to being covered by CCTV
  • The building is gated and secured from the street with additional cover from CCTV and security lighting
  • All non-current keys to the building and offices are disabled
  • All ground floor windows and glass are covered with high security access film making it almost impossible to gain entry
  • Separate and secure co-location is available for servers with rack space secured separately and covered by CCTV
  • Networking provided over a wired infrastructure in addition to communal wireless in communal areas